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Earl Spencer

Welcome to Cynthia Spencer Hospice

"My grandmother gave her name to the Cynthia Spencer Hospice and my family has always been a great supporter of cancer charities.

Everyone who has given time, effort and money should feel proud in the knowledge they have helped make life a little easier for all those living with cancer in Northampton."

- Earl Spencer (President of Cynthia Spencer Hospice)

Cynthia Spencer Hospice provides a specialist health service for people whose illness is no longer curable.

  • The hospice in-patient unit admits approximately 400 patients every year, the vast majority of whom are from Northampton.
  • The hospice staff provide much needed emotional, spiritual and bereavement support to families who have a loved one at the hospice.
  • The hospice was opened in 1976 by HRH the Queen Mother and was named after her Lady-in-Waiting Cynthia Spencer, who was also Grandmother to the Earl Spencer.
  • The day hospice provides a much-needed rest for carers and also provides patients with the opportunity to mix with other people and come into a different and stimulating environment. Day Hospice care is available one day a week.
  • The hospice has a range of staff working both in the hospice and using the hospice as a base - these include Lymphoedema, Hospice at Home, Therapy and Family Work Teams.

Mission Statement

The aim of Cynthia Spencer Hospice is to give a high standard of care based on a team approach.

Whilst the emphasis is on dealing with the physical problems of our patients to ensure their comfort, we also endeavour to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of them and their loved ones, providing support and friendship throughout their illness and during the time of bereavement.

Additional Information